We find a person on the Internet

If you need to find someone, the Internet will probably be your best helper. Whether it’s classmates, work colleagues, neighbors in an old house, or even your own family, the Internet is daily enriched with hundreds of thousands of bytes about a wide variety of people. Such information will help you not only find a person’s name, but also tell you where to find him, how to call or write to him.

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If the attempt was unsuccessful, go to the second method: go to the site YANDEX.RU/PEOPLE. Yandex combined all the most popular social networks at once and made it possible to search for them in one place. Very convenient, isn’t it? We drive in here everything that is known about who we are looking for and continue the search. From the list that appears, you will probably find who you were looking for. And besides, it’s completely free. From here, you can send a message to your friend (relative). Do not forget to introduce yourself, otherwise your letter may be ignored. If necessary, the letter can explain that you do not have an account on social networks and it would be convenient for you to just call. Leave any contact details.

If the second search option did not help, you will have to spend a little more time than expected. To do this, you will have to register in each social network in a row and search by name or common acquaintances of the right person. You can try typing the last name in Latin letters. Perhaps you know his (her) relatives, then look for them. And already on their pages in FRIENDS the person you need will surely be. As a last resort — write a letter to them and tell them who you can not find.

We offer another site for finding missing people in case of unsuccessful attempts to find out something about them — this is POISK.VID.RU. Here you will have the opportunity to see if someone is looking for you. Or submit an application to search for a person of interest yourself.

поиск людей в интернетеAs an additional option, we suggest considering the SKYPE program. The probability is small, but still there. In the SEARCH field, enter the first and last name of the missing person. We hope you find who you were looking for.

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